BIC in Caorle and Gardacon in Montichiari

11 and 12 September 2021: BIC in Caorle and Gardacon in Montichiari, two festivals with interesting contents for those who want comics, Asian music, cosplay and fun.

BIC – Cosplay, Comics & Games Caorle

At the San Francesco Village on 11 and 12 September the world of comix, gaming, cosplay and pop culture for a unique and incredible event. Here the protagonists are cosplay and K-pop!

EXHIBITIONS: exhibition of the Lego Artist Emanuele Volpi with original lego works and exhibition of miniatures and Harry Potter (and not only) sets; at the Ochacaffè stand: exhibition of anime and manga themed paintings by Arte Zeta Studio. Come and take a picture with the KJgirls, or talk about K-pop with the guest crews. There will also be an information point on Japan and K-Pop.

DJ Shiru with the KJgirls will be present at both festivals

11 September at the BIC in Caorle

Saturday 11 September is the day dedicated to music: opening on the main stage the concert of the cover band I RE DEI 7 MARI, winners of a Lucca Comics contest. The main dish comes at 21.30 with The nights KJ: Japan & K-pop animation with DJ Shiru dei K-ble Jungle. Special guests the crews Random Age e HanaDulSet. A show as energetic as it is elegant, highly anticipated by K-Pop lovers but appreciated by all.

The theatrical version of the same show is instead at 19.00, in the theater. For a more intimate atmosphere that allows you to better savor the preview of The nights KJ – the new K-ble Jungle with the Random Age and HanaDulSet crews.

At 20.00 the theater hosts the COSPLAY RACE.

CONFERENCES AND WORKSHOPS on Saturday include the theme of video games and a meeting entitled “Manga and Anime: their true story” with the European professional journalist, international expert in manga and anime, Gian Nicola Pittalis

KJgirls crew di K-pop
The Venetian Random Age crew

12 September at the BIC in Caorle

It starts at 11.00 with “The Japanese language, some basic notions“, Presentation by DJ Shiru of the Japanese Association OCHACAFFE ‘and continues at 12.00 with” Due chat a random “, a conference on K-Pop with Random Age Crew. At 15.00 – Retrogames Quiz game by 12 Bit and at 16.00 – The future of the MCU after the recent release of Shang-Chi. How could the Marvel Cinematic Universe change?

At 6.30 pm on the Disney Show stage with Marco Simonelig to interpret the most beautiful Disney songs.

In addition: AREA GAMES, MEDIEVAL GAMES area with wooden game tables by the Art of the Game open to all; GAMES & FANTASY area and Pokemon Day.

Poster of the BIC, festival in Caorle

Gardacon in Montichiari


DJ Shiru / K-ble Jungle One of the major promoters of Japanese music in Italy, DJ Shiru founded the artistic collective K-ble Jungle which deals with both J-Pop and K-Pop. It will be his Gardacon soundtrack!

Idol of the NIIA association Masayume BERRY and Linx Linch, idol of the NIIA (New Italian Idols Alliance) bring a concert of unreleased music and covers from the world of J-pop, animation and video games.

Masayume Berry idol italiana
Masayume Berry, idol of the NIIA

Master Takada Expert in traditional arts, she will bring to Gardacon demonstrations of Japanese calligraphy and dressing of the yukata, the summer kimono.

Dario Moccia Ggreat expert on comics and anime, video games and in general all that is nerdy.

Emanuela Pacotto Voice actress of Bulma from Dragon Ball, Nami from One Piece, Jessie from Pokémon, Sakura from Naruto, Twilight from My Little Pony, Barbie and many others. He participated in the “Japan Anime Live”, the largest European anime show produced entirely by Japan.

Emanuela Pacotto voice actress
Emanuela Pacotto, among the guests of Gardacon

Gianluca Iacono In addition to having lent his voice to Vegeta in the Dragon Ball anime, he is well known for other important roles in the world of TV and animation: from Marshall Eriksen of the famous sitcom “How I Met Your Mother” to anime characters Roy Mustang (Full Metal Alchemist), and Shota Aizawa (My Hero Academia).

Pietro Ubaldi It lends its voice to many cartoon characters: Doraemon and Taz, Patrick Stella, the cat Giuliano or Marrabbio from Kiss me Licia, but also some famous TV puppets, including Uan and Four.

And then cover band of songs from anime, the cosplay competition organized by Epicos, painting exhibitions by Arte Zeta Studio and photographic exhibition organized by Associazione Ochacaffè… and of course also here the KJgirls that you will find in the Japan / Otaku area!

Gardacon Festival in Montichiari
The poster of Gardacon, festival in Montichiari



13.00 Origami with Ochacaffè, a mini workshop for beginners
14.00 Tourism in China. One of the countries with the most tourist destinations, but what to see? With Federica Benigno, of K-ble Jungle
15.00 Japanese language. Introduction to Japanese for beginners, the first steps in the language, types of writing, greetings. With Alice Fregoni, of Ochacaffè Association
16.00 The Italian idols dell’NIIA association. Japanese pop mini concert


11.00 10 things to see absolutely a… Tips for a trip to Japan
12.00 Japanese Calligraphy. The art of beautiful writing of ideograms, with the teacher Takada.
14.00 Chinese. Introduction to Chinese: writing, tones, difficulties and what is easy. With Federica Benigno, Il Mulino School
15.00 Japanese language. Introduction to Japanese for beginners, the first steps in the language, types of writing, greetings. With Alice Fregoni, of the Ochacaffè Association
16.00 Dressing of the kimono. Get to know history and curiosities about the most traditional Japanese dress! You can also try it with our Japanese kimono teacher!
17.00 Anime opening challenge. How much do you know about anime music, J-Pop, idol? Come and test yourself with DJ Shiru’s K-ble Jungle
Gardacon and BIC Caorle
Festival VS festival

BIC a Caorle e Gardacon in Montichiari promise to satisfy a little those who have been left with a dry mouth at the festival for almost two years, giving emotions and fun!

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