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The distributor Crunchyroll has already made the box office glow with “JUJUTSU KAISEN 0” and “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” in the past. Now, with the regular theatrical release of the anime blockbuster „One Piece Film: Red“ set a new milestone. The film has already set cinema records in Japan. Now we can also set a new record for an anime blockbuster.From 13.10. the pirates around Monkey D. Luffy will attack the cinema screens in Germany and Austria.

On 11.10. the premiere will take place in Berlin. The presale has already started!

To the story:

An almighty voice. With fiery red curls: Princess Uta, the most popular singing diva in the world, is giving her first live concert on the Elegia music island!

The straw hat gang, other pirates, the navy and a large audience want to experience Uta’s “unearthly” voice. However, she appears in a completely different light,

as Luffy reveals the shocking fact that she is the daughter of the Pirate Emperor Red-​Hanks! What exactly is this “new era when everyone is happy” that Uta sings about?

Will her voice bring eternal happiness or endless imprisonment?

The film will also be released in cinemas in your city:

Luebeck City Hall CineStar Lübeck Stadthalle Mühlenbrücke 11, 23552 Lübeck Ab 13.10.

Subject to change

Tickets ab: 15,- Euro

Theatrical release depends on the version (Synchro/​OmU)

Here you can find all information, stills and the trailer: https://​news​.themroc​.com/​2​0​2​2​/​0​7​/​0​7​/​o​n​e​-​piece-red/

Cinema list Germany: https://​news​.themroc​.com/​2​0​2​2​/​0​9​/​2​1​/​k​i​n​o​-​l​i​s​t​e​-​d​e​u​t​s​c​h​l​a​n​d​-​z​u​-​o​n​e​-​p​i​e​c​e​-film-red/


on September 23, 2022 at 2:35 p.m

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