Big news for the Haikyuu anime!

It had now been a few days since a cryptic countdown appeared on the franchise’s official page. Haikyuu. Although everyone was expecting a big announcement about the anime, the suspense was still at its height. The year 2022 could not end without the Haikyuu anime making waves especially with the celebration of its tenth anniversary.

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And we can say that Haikyuu is already hitting very hard.

The return of the anime

Fans have been waiting for it for more than a year and their wait is finally rewarded. Hinata Shoyo and Kageyama Tobio have yet to show their quintessential combination. And to do this, the duo of the Karasuno high school volleyball team will return to the front of the stage with two films as a finale. The news fell just today.

This came after the countdown started by the franchise on its official account came to an end. And the more than enticing news. In addition to the big announcement around the making of two films for the anime’s finale, a trailer and a poster have been unveiled. That said, that’s not the only information that has surfaced.

The final films for Haikyuu

As we just said, the return of the Haikyuu franchise will be through movies for the series finale. In view of this news, it seems unlikely that a season 5 with a series of episodes will see the light of day. But apart from this question, there is not much to say. The production of the two films is once again left to the good care of Production IG and Toho.

The two animation studios are not at their trial run with the Haikyuu franchise. They accompany Hinata and Kageyama from the very beginning and it will be the same for the end of the series. It should also be added that no release date has yet been confirmed. However, it has been clarified that a special launch event will be held in August 2023.

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