| Bioshock Infinite | Cosplay Short Promo |

Chilean cosplayers Cody Laffertte y Marilyn Delacour showing Booker and Elizabeth at Bioshock Infinite. Short Cosplay produced by AlcanMedia. Production: AlcanMedia y Arval Photography. Director: Pedro Pablo Alcántara. Concept: AlcanMedia. Post Production, Editing and VFX: AlcanMedia. Music and Sound FX: AlcanMedia Assistant Director: Lu Quercia. Producer Line: Pablo Croquevielle. All rights from “animals” (Nico Vega) belong to Nico Vega and his record label. Produced by Alcanmedia and Arval Photography. Chile 2015. Categoría Entretenimiento All rights to “Infinite Bioshock” belong to 2k and Irrational Games. Made for fun and love for Bioshock. Thank you for creating such an awesome game!

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