Bitti one year after the flood, still several works to be done – Sardinia

Mayor Ciccolini, priorities are structural interventions

by Maria Giovanna Fossati

At dawn on November 28, 2020, a water bomb struck Bitti, 2600 souls in the Nuorese area: in a few hours the town was buried by the mud that came down from the mountain. In the end there were 3 deaths, the farmer Giuseppe Mannu, 55, sunk into a chasm with his off-road vehicle while he was in the countryside looking after his cattle, Giuseppe Mannu, 90, drowned in his house, and Lia Orunesu, 89 , swept away by the fury of the water a stone’s throw from her home, near Piazza Asproni. The town, already hit by Cyclone Cleopatra in 2013 when a missing shepherd was never found, was on its knees: houses flooded and damaged by the fury of the rain, streets completely erased, the streets of the town submerged by mud and debris, cars swept away , the water and electrical systems blown. The damage count was bitter and the estimated amount for the reconstruction of the country was 100 million euros. A year after that tragic day, there are still ten families evacuated and some businesses that have not restarted: two marble companies, two bars and a bakery. Emolto still remains to be done.

The mayor Giuseppe Ciccolini tells of the state of mind of the town marked by that tragedy: “The one that has just passed was a year of great concern and it goes without saying that every time it rains for the people of Bittesi there are hours of anguish and fear – he explains -. Tomorrow as administration we will propose a very sober moment of remembrance: a celebration in the church organized by the parish in memory of the victims and in the afternoon a theatrical performance inspired by the texts of our writer, Michelangelo Pira, which will stage cultural associations and young people. my and the administration’s deepest thoughts go to the victims and their families who remain the most painful part of that day. Right now we are focusing our efforts on the still evacuated families living in rented houses for which we have requested the extension of the Autonomous Accommodation Contribution (Cas) and for companies no longer having their places of work “.

As for the state of the art of the work “we are satisfied with the management of the emergency both in terms of damage restoration and refreshments in which we are spending the 19 million of the Government, but there are still several emergency interventions to be made. This is why next week 12 construction sites will start for the arrangement of roads, canals, ridges hit by landslides, interventions to remove the imminent danger. not to submit to the Environmental Impact Assessment (Via) the interventions in the inhabited center that allows us to save a lot of time for spending the 20 million allocated by the Region “.

“Still on risk mitigation – concludes Ciccolini – the 56 million allocated by the Government remain to be spent, funds that will be used for structural interventions and to prevent such events from happening again in the future”.