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Japan has always run the best in the world animation industry,
The reality was that Korea was pushed by a huge gap in such an industry.
Japanese animation continues to shine even today, which is called a great masterpiece as a boy manga.
With masterpieces such as Dragon Ball and Slam Dunk
In the movie version, it was because of Hayao Miyazaki’s existence.
Since it was recognized in the world as a movie version of animation, not TVA-oriented,
Japanese animation left a strong impression that it is also recognized worldwide as a movie.
The same goes for TVA.
Globally, Japan has a lot of works that are in the spotlight in the world as an animation industry.
In this situation, it was a work that was gaining tremendous popularity in Japan.
Blade of Immortality is.

The animation of the Blade of Immortality is definitely well made.
In particular, along with the direction of battle,
There are also a lot of buzzwords like full intensive breathing.
In this situation, the Infinite Train, the theater version of the blade of the demonic extinction, appeared.
This animated movie version has a record of over 30 billion yen and is a huge box office hit.
In this situation, seeing the movie version released in Korea, I was amazed by the honest impressions.
As a boy cartoon TVA, the voice actors who play the action-directed character shown by the blade of demonic extinction
Although it was a work that was satisfactory in all aspects of capability,

This work was released as a theatrical version, and in Japan there is a great enthusiasm for the movie.
Not culturally animation in the animation industry that poured out masterpieces like Sen and Chihiro
In Japan, where there is nothing left except for this TVA-level movie, they are enthusiastic.
I think I have to express that I am incredibly surprised.
Currently, Japan is in the movie industry, music, sports, and even the dance industry they were proud of.
The situation is being pushed back to Urana and as webtoons are pouring out in Korea
It is thought that even this industry may soon lead Japan.
TVA was a long way away, but the movie released in the theater was slightly more upgraded than TVA.
It’s only really sad to see Japan excited to see.
It is not that the blade of demonic extinction is a work that cannot be made.
I’m also a huge fan of the work, but I’ve also shown the Japanese ability as a movie version of animation.
If you think about it, it’s a shame.

Reviews as a theater version

Blade of Immortality is a work that continues the genealogy as a boy cartoon.
It is a work that depicts the passion of the protagonist and the love of the family
The TVA animation, which appeared after peeling the skin, is so excellent that it can not be spoken
It can be said that it is a masterpiece enough to enchant the eyes with action, etc.
However, I think the infinite train is different.
Infinite Train is different from the independent Japanese animation films shown so far.
The point was that it looked nothing but a work that was aimed at the fan base thoroughly.
This is not a bad thing.
From the perspective of those who saw the original work, it was a work that would be so cheering.

Reviews as an independent film

As I said earlier, I am a huge fan of this work.
Because he is a person who has a perfect understanding of the worldview of this work
The whole time I saw it, I was admiring and crying
The problem is that people who do not know the relationship of this work do not understand at all.
Why is this a problem?
This is because this film was released as an independent film.
So if you think about it by itself, unless you’re a fan, watch TVA to understand.
The level of explanation of
It’s not easy to understand whether I’m watching TVA or a movie on the screen.

The movie version that the blade of the demonic extinction was released after a long time was an honest appreciation
I was very satisfied.
Of course, it is a natural result because I am a fan of this work.
However, if you ask someone to recommend this work, unless you are a fan,
I thought it would be a bit burdensome.
If someone recommends an animation like Sen and Chihiro, I would recommend it.
The reason I can’t do that is because this film is thoroughly aimed at the fan base.
Because of this, I expressed my regret.
Because this movie was really a huge box office in Japan
Why did Hayao Miyazaki’s work have been recognized worldwide?
Is the Japanese animation industry so excited about this fan service?
I think I am a little worried.

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