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Ozon found out which toys are preferred by children from different Russian regions. It turned out that Rostov girls and boys most of all like to play with blasters and pistols, plush animals, key chains, figurines of anime and animal characters. And also with cars and designers. And, of course, they are interested in fashionable anti-stress toys, the demand for which is growing every day.

Sales of toys on Ozon in May this year compared to May last year in Rostov-on-Don and the region more than doubled. This rapid growth has become possible due to the fact that over the past year Rostovites have become much more active in shopping online.

On average in Russia, sales of toys on Ozon increased by 80% during the study period. At the same time, in each region, children have chosen their favorite toys. Toy weapons are the most popular in Rostov – their sales grew 2.3 times year-on-year. Soft toys, as well as key rings, figures of anime and animal characters, are twice as often bought for children. Sales of toy vehicles increased by 80%, and sales of constructors – by 45%.

Antistress toys became a real hit in May this year in the Don capital, as well as in the country as a whole. Pop-ites and simple dimples were gaining popularity rapidly: if in March their share in piece sales of anti-stress toys on Ozon was less than 10%, then in April it increased to 69%, and in May – already up to 80%.

The top-100 of the most popular toys in Rostov and the region, in addition to anti-stress, includes cardboard play houses, coloring pages, doll sets, water educational rugs, Lego constructors, sea battle, Nerf blasters, bathroom toys, speech therapy simulators and learning cards.

But the average check for toys on Ozon on average across Russia decreased by a third compared to last year. In the country, it is now about a thousand rubles. In Rostov, a little lower – 925 rubles (-38% to May last year). The highest average check for toys was recorded in Moscow – a little over 1,200 rubles, and the lowest in Tatarstan – about 900 rubles.


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