Bleach: A female lead? This is what Ichigo would look like

– Jul 21, 2021 – 01:27:05 PM

Bleach was one of the great action anime series of the beginning of the century along with Naruto. In it, we met Ichigo Kurosaki, a powerful young man who has absorbed the powers of a shinigami, a deity of death. And, this cosplay shows us what our protagonist would look like had she been a woman.

This cosplay of Bleach from Sammyscosplay shows us a young Ichigo with his characteristic shinigami mask with the necessary skills to guide good souls after death and defend them from the hollows, evil spirits that try to devour them at all costs. Would you have liked to see this version of the well-known anime protagonist?

How does Ichigo from Bleach see himself as a powerful female lead?

In the cosplay performed by Sammyscosplay and shared in your Instagram, gives a great explanation about your production process to make your representation of Bleach and its protagonist. From the hair, sword and suit, to her change of pupils to be the most faithful Ichigo Kurosaki possible. The work done by her is impeccable.

The most important and detailed of this cosplay of Bleach it was the mask. This same cosplayer explains how she made her mask step by step, from the design, the selection of materials and the realization. Certainly, the kinship with the original character is impressive. This change would have been interesting to see in the series of Tite Kubo.

Bleach Ichigo fem cosplay SammyscosplayBleach Ichigo fem cosplay Sammyscosplay
Bleach Ichigo fem cosplay SammyscosplayBleach Ichigo fem cosplay Sammyscosplay

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