The Last of Us Day 2022

Today is a special day for fans of a certain Naughty Dog license, as we celebrate The Last of Us Day. For the occasion, the studio honors its community by sharing the most beautiful photos of The Last of Us Part I taken by the players. And icing on the cake, we have the right […]

Ukrainian makes perfect cosplay of Black Lady

the popular anime Sailor Moonhas established itself over the years as one of the most legendary titles, and it is perhaps because it has complex and amazing characters who fight great battles against darkness, and despite the fact that the protagonist of the original manga by Naoko Takeuchies Usagi Tsukinoher story let us know more […]

This could be the next successful game-based anime

We haven’t heard anything about the upcoming anime adaptation for many, many months, but suddenly all the details were announced in Aniplex’s latest online show. We’ve known since the beginning of this year that the Aniplex studio (Sword Art Online) is making an anime based on NieR: Automata, which starts with good chances – Cyberpunk: […]

Tokyo Auto Salon 2023 Image Girl “A-Class” members decided[Tokyo Auto Salon 2023]|

■ A-Class members will be announced at the Gyarupara Autumn Festival, where race queens will appear in Halloween costumes Gyarupara Autumn Festival Participating Race Queen “Tokyo Auto Salon 2023” (January 13-15, 2023), Japan’s largest custom car event. The image girl “A-Class” was announced at the “Gyarupara Autumn Festival”, an event for race queens and fans […]