Akemi Darenogare (30) Rei Ayanami’s cosplay “Akemi Darenogare” is too complete!Level I want you to slap involuntarily | Nico Nico News

nowTV setIt’s so popular that it’s said that there are no days when you don’t see itYouTuberSpeaking of “Fuwa-chan”, it’s the exact opposite of her, very much.coolCalm, it feels cold somewherecharacteroftalentSpeaking of which, isn’t it Akemi Darenogare here?How she isCosplayI am doing. Speaking of Akemi Darenogare View this post on Instagram Posted by Akemi Darenogare […]

Anime fight

Twittea! https://twitter.com/enchufetvhow! https://www.facebook.com/enchufetv Kawaii is a Chinese anime fight. Subtitles by Jose Miguel PintoSchool of Linguistics – PUCE Plenisimo (http://www.plenisimo.com.ec/disfraces.php) is tied to Encone.tv and so they are cool! New video every week. © plug.tv – All rights reserved Touché Films 2015 ..