Hikaru Aoyama Releases Another Cut of Fetish “Cyber ​​Cat” Cosplay (June 23, 2021) –Excite News

Click here for an image of Hikaru Aoyama’s fetish-filled “cyber cat” cosplay other … >> [Photo]Hikaru Aoyama, a fetish-filled “cyber cat” cosplay “Weekly Young Jump” No. 29 (Shueisha) released on June 17 is a gathering of 18 talents belonging to the entertainment agency “Zeroichi Familia”, and the cover, volume, and end of the book are […]

the character in the Shippuden version

Raised on his own due to the Itachi massacre of the Uchiha clan, Sasuke is a fundamental boy in the history of Naruto manga and anime. To obsessively pursue power and therefore the possibility of killing his brother, he left the Leaf Village and ended up in the clutches of Orochimaru. The two-year timeskip between […]

5 reasons why Gohan should be the best character

The Dragon Ball series inspired by the manga created by Akira Toriyama has become a world phenomenon, being a world exponent of manga and anime, especially of the genus shōnen, this is not surprising. Dragon Ball with its history it has managed to persevere for more than 30 years, still being a successful franchise which […]

Anypen-SAMG-Tick-Cock Crocodile signed a joint contract to develop ‘Metaverse Kids Class’

SMG Entertainment announced on the 23rd that it has signed a three-party joint contract with AniPen and Tick Kak Alligator for the non-face-to-face character education platform ‘Metaverse Kids Class’. Metaverse Kids Class is an educational video content platform that improves the learning effect of children aged 4-7 by using the character IP (intellectual property rights) […]