VKontakte summed up the results of 2022

VKontakte summed up the results of 2022 and shared the most talked about influencers, movies, series and games. To compile the rating for the period from January 1 to November 20, 2022, the Brand Analytics social media and media analysis system was used. So that you understand how serious everything is, more than 26 billion […]

[PC/角色扮演]Oriental Labyrinth Fantasy Township and Babel Tree v1.20 free installation Chinese version[1.2G/百度网盘] – Moesha

game introductionChallenge with the girls of Gensokyo, a long-running dungeon RPG! Challenge the mysterious giant tree that suddenly stands in Gensokyo! Choose the characters of “Touhou Project”, organize a large-scale team, and face the powerful enemies guarding the depths of the maze! The various leaders are by no means ordinary people. Come on, let’s set […]

Prince Harry dressed up as Spider-Man | Stars

Now in Marvel one more Spider-Man! Prince Harry tried on a superhero costume for recording a Christmas greeting. The grandson of Elizabeth II again supported the orphanage Scotty’s Little Soldiers. Every year, the organization holds Christmas parties for children from military families. This time the theme of the event was “heroes and villains”. Harry reincarnated […]