Blue Lock, the next big soccer anime, reveals its number of episodes

This upcoming fall season is going to be a wildfire at stratospheric levels, and “Blue Lock“It will seek to become a new reference in the sector through its peculiar football proposal. Because yes, this 2022 we have already had “Aoashi” who has hit it wonderfully with Ashito’s story (one that I personally loved), but it is expected that with the work of Kaneshiro and Nomura-sensei there will be a somewhat more fanciful approach. The truth, there will be plenty of time to try to convince people.

Blue Lock will stay a good time showing their football

Next I leave you with the tweet from the hand of ShonenLeaks that has collected what will be the duration of “Blue Lock” in its first season:

And with the tweet now at hand, write down the following details of it:

  • To begin with, it has been confirmed that Blue Lock anime will have a total of 24 episodes. ❗
  • Likewise, these 24 episodes will be divided into two different parts despite the fact that they will be issued consecutively. This means that the anime will be broadcast from October to April next year, approx. ❗
  • blue lock anime can be followed in Spain through the service of Crunchyrollwith the first episode airing from October 8, 2022. ✔️
  • Blue Lock will count to animate his anime with 8bita studio best known in recent years for its work at the head of Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken. ✔️

Once again, like “Aoashi”, it seems that we will have football to stop a train. Honestly, I’m glad things are this way after we banged so many years with said sport being a mere spectator in the world of anime. In addition, I have to remember that when the anime has already been broadcast for a few weeks we will also have the celebration of the World Cup in Qatar. Yes friends, ‘furbo’ awaits us in its purest form.

Synopsis for Blue Lock

The story begins with Japan’s elimination from the 2018 FIFA World Cup, prompting the Japan Football Union to start a scouting program for high school players who will begin preparing for the 2022 World Cup. Isagi Yoichi, a striker, receives an invitation to this program just before his team loses the opportunity to go to the National Championship for passing the ball to his least skilled teammate of all -missing the shot on goal-, avoiding trying to make the goal that he would have changed the game by himself.

Their new coach will be Ego Jinpachi, who attempts to ‘destroy Japanese loser football’ by introducing an entirely new training regimen: locking 300 young strikers in a kind of prison called ‘Blue Lock’, making them undergo rigorous training to create the ‘best selfish goalscorer in the whole world’.

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