Bombassei: “Draghi’s challenge will be to create new jobs. Smart working yes, but everywhere “

President Bombassei, the Draghi government is made up of 14 ministers who come from Lombardy, Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia. There is a fear that the South is underrepresented, do you share this concern?
«No, I don’t agree with it, the South has many problems but it will certainly not be forgotten. The Draghi government looks to Europe and certainly makes no geographical distinctions between Northern and Southern Italy. It is a government team that rewards competence. With European funds it will be possible to develop infrastructures, the environment and technology throughout the national territory, an opportunity not to be missed. And I hope we will be able to spend the European resources destined for the South which have often not been used in the past ».

Draghi called the Northern League player Giorgetti to a key ministry such as Economic Development, and Stefano Patuanelli of the M5S to lead Agriculture. Will the different political souls be able to coexist in the same government?
“I think so, Draghi’s choices, even the political ones, were wise. Giorgetti is part of the moderate wing of the League, he is Bocconian and pro-European, I feel calm. Patuanelli in the previous government showed quality and competence, he is young and it seems right to reward his work ».

To take Europe’s money, you need to make an adequate Recovery Plan, and then respect the objectives and implementation times. Will the Draghi government succeed where Conte failed?

«I am very confident that Draghi, the most authoritative Italian outside our borders, will rewrite the Recovery Plan by inserting feasible and fundable projects. Conte’s plan had obvious shortcomings, also the result of the conflict that weakened the executive ».
To rewrite the Recovery Plan Draghi hired two technicians such as Vittorio Colao at Innovation and Roberto Cingolani at

Ecological Transition. Are we in good hands?
«I know Cingolani personally and I can assure you that where he passed he left his mark. The ITT of Genoa is an international excellence, Brembo has worked with them. Colao is a first-rate manager, his plan contained ideas of great interest, useful for the restart. It was not taken into account, it is right now to use his experience ».

The Italian economy is struggling, hit hard by the pandemic. What does it take to get it started again?
«The Italian manufacturing has continued to produce even during the last difficult months and has managed to hold up, thanks also to the demand for exports. In our sector, for example, registrations have dropped massively. The automotive industry has suffered throughout Europe but we all left together, conscious of being indispensable to each other ».

What should the government do to revive the economy?
“In my opinion, the central theme is work, employment, obviously after health which is a priority today. Everything must be done to keep jobs and new ones created. The new jobs that are emerging, however, exceed the distinctions by geographical area. You will often work from home but you will have to be able to do it in Milan and Catania and even outside the big cities ».

The first delicate step for Draghi on the subject of work will be the extension or not of the ban on dismissal. What do you think it should do?
“In my opinion it is not useful for the country to postpone the problem, it must be addressed, we must act immediately. The redundancy fund and the citizenship income are patches, not a long-term cure. I believe that the government will find the solution to produce the least possible social impact ».

Draghi in one of his latest speeches said that we cannot go on with rain subsidies and refreshments to zombie companies with no future. Agree?
“It is perhaps a harsh but realistic speech. It is useless to continue to subsidize companies that have no future, it is necessary to direct funds and investments on promising sectors and productive companies. And there are also many in the South, which are guaranteeing excellent results ».


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