Bonchamp-lès-Laval. The ESB cyclo animates the passage of the Tour de France

The ESB cyclo, with 80 license holders and around 50 volunteers, will host the time trial day on June 30. Jean-Michel Paris, president, explains: “An XXL bike, scale 3, or two wheels with a diameter of 2.10 m will be powered by a home trainer located on a platform at the intersection of avenue des Sports and rue du Maine”.

Jacques Sanson, the treasurer, specifies: “Each volunteer will work on the home trainer by rotation of 15 minutes, from 11 am, until the passage of the last runner”.

The club, used to extra-sporting actions (telethon or cleaning up ditches in the town), takes advantage of this event to show solidarity with other local initiatives and strengthen the emulation and atmosphere within the club after this period of low activity due to the health crisis.


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