Borderlands 2: Fall (EN sub)

Summary: EN + FR FR – A victory cannot be won without a defeat on Pandora. The Vault Hunters managed to steal Handsome Jack to his best advantage, but Roland the leader of the Red Raiders is dead. After the battle, the time has come to bury the hero. The time has come to offer the rest of the fallen … EN – We cannot claim any victory without suffering a defeat on Pandora. The Vault Hunters succeed in preventing Beautiful Jack from his most valuable advantage, but Roland, the Crimson Raiders’ leader, dies. After the battle, the time has come for the hero’s burry. The time has come to bring peace to the fallen one …. Fan Film inspired by the Borderlands licensing universe, created by software boxes and published by 2K Games. Based on an original idea by Claudio Kovalkine and Lili Din. Directed by Julien Harant, Screenplay by Pierre Louis Coudercy, Produced by “La Vie En Pixels” (LVEP) 1st assistant director: Pierre-Louis COUDERCY Director-operator: Frédéric SERPANTIE Director-operator: Léa WISNIEWSKI Sound engineer: Timothée BOST Perchman: Anthony CAZADE Perchman: Alexis DAILLOUX Writer: Ashleen STRUYVEN Screenplay: Damien HUMBERT Screenplay: Brice SMITH Stage manager: Baptiste PERRIN Costume: SosoCréa Established: François BAZOUGE Makeup assistant: Maryne POINTEAU Storyboard: Floriane Lothée ZANT VFX Supervisor: Serhat BAYKAL VFX: Denis ETIENNE VFX: Quentin LEPEK Graduation class: Frédéric SERPANTIE Graphic designer: Alexandre CHARLEUX Make-of: Dayan KIRINDI ARACHCHIGE Photographer: Alexandre DUCKMANN Start: LBL Din, Jean-PhilippeEN Lucie K MILLET, Caroline, Nicolas COULOMB, Philippe LAUBY, Otis, Aurélien AUDOUIN-GIRART, Christo phe GÉHIN, Julien RODRIGUEZ and Christophe LEMOINE

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