Boruto: 10 Incredible Sasuke Cosplays Just Like The Anime

Cosplayers do more than just dress up as a character from their favorite anime. When they cosplay, they must temporarily become the character. In order for a cosplayer to be successful, they must use makeup, special effects, wigs, hair products, lots of fabrics, and the most important part: knowledge and understanding of the character. Sometimes a cosplayer finds the perfect balance of everything. When that happens, it is magical, as if the character has jumped from the screen to reality. For many cosplayers, this is the end goal.

One of the most popular characters that many people choose to cosplay is Sasuke Uchiha from the franchise Naruto. With Sasuke’s numerous costumes throughout the series, there are plenty of options when it comes to dressing up. With the growing popularity of the franchise Boruto, many cosplayers are taking the opportunity to dress up as the adult version of Sasuke. Making a fantastic Sasuke cosplay takes a lot of time, patience, experience, and extreme attention to detail. When all of these elements are aligned, the results are amazing.

10 Sasuke has the sword ready

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With his sword in hand, Sasuke is ready to fight! This fantastic cosplay from the creator san_sasuke it is very well done down to the smallest details. The tailoring of Sasuke’s shirt is perfect and looks like something a professional seamstress would create.

The entire garment looks flawless, without a single wrinkle in sight. San_sasuke does a great job with Sasuke’s bangs, and the Sharingan that shines towards the camera is a great detail. San_sasuke also pays attention to important details, such as holding Sasuke’s sword in his right hand.

9 Sasuke and Sarada share a heartwarming moment

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A post shared by Nick 🐺 (@niicoser)

Sasuke and his daughter Sarada may not meet often, but there is no denying that these two care about each other. Fans familiar with the series know that the two of you are trying to build a relationship, but it’s not always easy. Niicoser Y melmeicos they decided to share a sweet moment between these two characters in this photo.

Niicoser does a great job playing Sasuke, capturing the essence of the ninja through a neutral expression coupled with physical closeness. Although Sasuke is not an expressive character, he uses his actions to express his feelings, and niicoser nails this trait.

8 Sasuke relaxes under the cherry blossoms

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A post shared by Jūdai ★ 十 代 (@lunaticjudai)

If Sasuke had a moment to rest, would he see the cherry blossoms? This Sasuke cosplay performed by lunaticjudai It is very well done, from the neatly combed hair to the well made clothes. Lunaticjudai has got the colors right for this cosplay. The whole suit looks well polished, like it came out of the anime.

If Sasuke had time to rest, it is not unreasonable to think that he would want to see the cherry blossoms, especially since his name has a special meaning for him. Maybe he could even take someone special to see them with him.

7 Sasuke shows off his Sharingan

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La cosplayer Indonesia yuma_khuchan he does a great Sasuke, showing off his advanced cosplay skills in this picture. He has styled the wig to accurately capture Sasuke’s signature bangs. Yuma_khuchan paid special attention to details like Sasuke’s eyes, styling the visible one with his signature Sharingan, one of Sasuke’s greatest and most memorable powers, and a signature from his clan.

The bright red really stands out on the black coat and hair. This cosplay also includes Sasuke’s sword, one of his main weapons in the series. Yuma_khuchan has hit the nail on the head with Sasuke’s cold gaze.

6 Naruto makes Sasuke smile

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A post shared by Kat & Jes (@katjes_costumes)

Naruto’s foolishness makes up for Sasuke’s more stoic nature throughout the series of Naruto. Over and over again Naruto proves that he can get more reactions from Sasuke than from anyone else, be it anger, curiosity, or the occasional smile. This Sasuke cosplay performed by the cosplay group katjes_costumes is a great example of cosplayers not only showing their faces, but also acting.

Naruto, played by group member Jes, seems to be joking with his best friend, while Sasuke, played by group member Kat, can’t help but smile. This duo does an incredible job capturing the personalities of these two characters.

5 Sasuke is prepared to defend Konoha

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Sasuke is ready to fight for his village in this fantastic cosplay from cookiekingcosplay. With a cool pose and a well-crafted outfit, Sasuke is ready to take on anyone. Cookiekingcosplay really nailed it in this shot, capturing Sasuke’s cool personality while maintaining his ability in battle.

The flowing cape is a great touch to indicate movement and adds to the overall aesthetic. Whoever fights him will have a hard time. Although everything in this cosplay is well done, it is the smallest details that really make this cosplay stand out.

4 Sasuke and Sakura spend time together

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Sasuke and Sakura are kept very busy with their duties, and with Sasuke traveling all over the place, the moments that he and Sakura have to sit back and enjoy each other’s company are rare. This cosplay of the two, performed by sasukecosplay_ Y reicosplay shows a sweet moment between the characters as they relax together.

Both cosplays are very detailed. Everything, even the shoes, is perfect. However, it’s the gaze shared between the two that really sells this cosplay, with Sasuke’s expression softening as Sakura gives him a fond smile.

3 Sasuke analyzes the situation

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A post shared by Sarana Khunpolpitak (@thames_malerose)

Sasuke is known for his quick thinking, analytical skills, quick reaction time, and powerful jutsu. Thames_malerose manages to capture all these ideas in one shot with his cosplay of Sasuke. With a longer wig that matches Sasuke’s slightly spiky locks and his long cape with light purple interior, this cosplayer looks a lot like Sasuke. Thames_malerose strikes an interesting pose that looks like he’s about to use Chidori on whoever is taking the photo.

With a stoic expression on his face, this cosplayer did a great job portraying one of the best ninjas in Konoha.

2 Sasuke has a kunai ready

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A post shared by Oni (@ 0nigiricosplay)

Sasuke is known to be level-headed most of the time, and while he’s not necessarily looking for a fight, he’s prepared and capable of it if he needs to. Even when relaxing, Sasuke is always attentive. This detailed cosplay of Sasuke, made by 0nigiricosplay, perfectly captures this calm.

The details of this cosplay are phenomenal, from the perfectly combed wig that covers his eye to the leather glove, and even the seams on the cape, 0nigiricosplay keeps Sasuke in extremely good shape. With a sharp kunai at the ready, Sasuke appears to be relaxed and attentive at the same time, a considerable feat for a single image!

1 Sasuke defends his wife

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Sasuke is an extremely skilled ninja, and one of the strongest in Konoha. With his intelligence and natural talent, he can quickly gain the upper hand in many fights. However, when he is protecting someone important to him, Sasuke becomes an even greater force. Although Sasuke strongly believes in Sakura’s fighting abilities, this cosplay duo of migueljayzet like Sasuke and sayumcgarden as Sakura shows the relationship between the characters very well.

Sasuke is ready, blocking Sakura. Meanwhile, Sakura is ready to jump into the fight behind him. When they fight together, Sasuke and Sakura form a powerful team, and these cosplayers nail this idea to their photo.

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