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[EpochTimesNewsonMarch92021](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Ma Weifen) Jian Manshu played the glamorous and sociable Lin Meiji in the Taiwan idol drama “Those Birds When They Started Business”. This character has a unique personality. The humanistic and youthful Jian Manshu himself is very far away, but the only thing in common is that no matter in work or relationship, as long as he likes it, he will actively strive for it.

The role played by Jian Man in the book play chases after Zheng Yinan played by Qiu Ze. She is also very brave in the face of feelings outside the play. She frankly said, “If you like it, you must chase it. I would rather chase and be shot than by others for inaction. Take it away.” Her love with her husband Yun Changlong (Xiaolong), her hair stylist, only came to fruition after she worked hard.

Jian Manshu interprets the cute and straightforward Lin Meiji in “Entrepreneurship”. Facing the righteous man she likes, she makes no secrets and pursues boldly. Even if she is rejected, she still cries and encourages herself, and even takes the initiative to break the ice with the righteous man. Shake hands and make peace. Will Jian Manshu chase after someone he likes outside the play?

She said: “I will go forward just like Meiji. I won’t know the result if I haven’t tried it, but I will let it go if I don’t try it.” When asked about the success rate? She embarrassedly said: “The current success rate is 100%, and this is how my husband came.”

Jian Manshu (right) and her husband Xiaolong, her hair stylist, first met when she was cutting her hair (provided by the agent)

The first meeting between Jian Manshu and her husband Xiaolong was when Xiaolong cut her hair. There was no dialogue between the two at the time, but the interesting thing is that at the same time, there were suitors around Manshu. When someone confessed to her, she Xiaolong’s face appeared in his mind, “This is the first time I feel that someone else feels like this in my heart.”

At that time, Manshu heard from his agent that Xiaolong was single, which gave the two a chance to start development. Jian Manshu said, “Actually, the matchmaker is my agent.” However, at first, Jian Manshu liked to go camping in the mountains. , Xiaolong likes the sea, the two have no intersection and topic at all.

A few weeks later, the two worked together again. At that time, Jian Manshu intuitively thought, “If I don’t take the initiative to leave contact information, he will definitely not ask me for it.” Therefore, she tried to create a topic, and they could meet to taste delicious food together. People finally switched Line.

Jian Man Shu Xiaolong
The two formally exchanged photos taken at the event the day before. The picture on the left is Jian Manshu, and the right is her husband (provided by the agent)

The two confirmed that the relationship was a group of people going to eat and drink after work. Xiaolong’s performance that day made Jian Manshu feel great. After returning home that night, they couldn’t help but send a text message to Xiaolong and said: “I seem to like you!” Xiaolong also replied, “It seems that I am too!” However, Man Shu was a little drunk that night, and the two met and talked in a sober state the next day, which also confirmed their relationship.

After 7 months of dating, the two married in 2017 and have two baby girls, Yunda and Yuner. Xiaolong is also very supportive of Jian Manshu’s work, is her god teammate, so she can work with peace of mind.

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