break the internet with a cute Luffy cosplay

A few days ago we could see how a One Piece fan dared with a completely sensational Luffy watercolor, an incredible creative work at the hands of a true lover of the acclaimed Eiichiro Oda series.

It goes without saying that every day we witness how social networks are full of tributes to One Piece of all color and fur. Tributes that most of the time enter the field of cosplay, where fans of “animanga” get into the skin of their favorite characters.

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Today we bring the proposal of @Vallinecos, a true cosplay artist who has dared to embody Luffy in one of the latest posts on her Instagram. The now leader of the Straw Hats shows her trademark smile in front of the camera to inspire her comrades to give their all in the next adventure. Attention to cosplay!

As you can see, this young woman has nailed good Luffy with a cosplay as simple as spectacular. A female version of Luffy that maintains the essence of the protagonist of One Piece. And be careful, we are not only talking about her clothing, since in addition to the mythical straw hat and the red shirt with torn sleeves, the cosplayer has had the detail of imitating so much the scar of Luffy as his friendly gesture, highlighting the latter with a pair of pigtails the sea of ​​friendly.

What do you think of this female version of Luffy? It is not the first time that we see how one of our favorite One Piece characters receives a female cosplay, we could see it with Luffy from Wano and even with Zoro. Crossplay is certainly one of the most interesting disciplines to pay tribute to Oda and his crew of characters.

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