Bulma’s first appearance in an anime was not in Dragon Ball – she did it a year earlier in another play!

It is incredible what can surprise you Dragon Ball in the middle of 2021. To this day, new details of the characters of Akira Toriyama, and now it was the turn of a very great curiosity of …Find, one of the master’s most loved creations! Do you know what happened?

It turns out that, in 2017, a user posted something really unique on Twitter … What if we told you that Bulma’s first appearance in the field of anime was not in the series of Dragon Ball? We repeat, and we go a step further … What if Bulma, the creation of Akira Toriyama, had debuted on the anime scene a year before doing it with Goku?

Well, yes, you are reading very well, and it all happened around January 26, 1985 (we remind you that the Toriyama anime premiered in February 1986), the date on which the third film of Lamu, entitled: Urusei Yatsura Movie 3: Memory of My Love.

In said feature film, during the stampede of several characters in one of the scenes, we could see Bulma, with her typical outfit from Akira Toriyama’s covers and the first ending of Dragon Ball! Just below we leave you with this great curiosity, which as we told you above, was advanced by the user Inazuma Buster in 2017:

How did you stay after discovering all this? Did you know that Bulma had debuted in the anime in a different work than Dragon Ball? We have been astonished, without a doubt.

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But rest assured, tomorrow we will return, as always, with more Z adventures full of curiosities, in Hobby Consoles. ¡Kai, Kai!


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