Buy your Assassin’s Creed Jacob Frye Cosplay at the best price in 2021

Iconic characters

Assassin’s Creed offers us colorful characters and charisma. Indeed, the game is super realistic. Therefore, when it brings the player to explore a historical period, the developers try to stick as much as possible to reality. A real time travel is taken by the player who has a vision of what our past may have been.

The characters created for the game are also very realistic and are often required to meet characters historical real values ​​specific to their period.

Among these iconic characters, there is one that has marked and seduced gamers, it is Sir Jacob Frye.

It’s a gang chef and what we call a Master Assassin from brotherhood. Among other things, he led actions in England in full period victorian. He is himself the son of assassins: Cecily and Ethan Frye. Over time, he will lead various fights and meet a good number of fascinating historical figures.

Immersed in Sir Frye’s skin

Fun Academy today offers you a magnificent Cosplay from Sir Jacob Frye.

Of a matter from superior quality and very resistant, this disguise, when worn, is of a comfort without equal.

We have worked on the design and realism of this disguise. Thus, the resemblance is larger than life.

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