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Campaign just before the release of Blu-ray BOX!

July 28, 2021 (Wednesday) Anime “Hetalia World Stars” Blu-ray BOX is on sale!

In commemoration of the release, two people will be given a lottery of autographed colored paper by the role of Czech: Sumire Moroboshi and the role of Slovakia: Yusuke Kobayashi, who will sing the new duet character song CD “Hyphen? Not Hyphen?”
You can participate by retweet, so please take this opportunity to apply.
◆ Recruitment period
July 21, 2021 (water) 20 o’clock ~ July 28 (water) 19:59
Czech role: Sumire Morohoshi, Slovak role: Yusuke Kobayashi 2 sheets of autographed colored paper
◆ Target person
Official account of anime “Hetalia World Stars” on Twitter (animehetalia_ws) And retweet the tweets posted by the official account that are eligible for the campaign.
If your Twitter account is deleted at the time of winning, or if you are unfollowed, you will not be eligible.
A tweet with “RT” at the beginning of the tweet does not mean that you have applied for the campaign.
This campaign is limited to those who live in Japan and can receive mail and parcel delivery.
The campaign is limited to people living in Japan who can receive mail and parcels.
◆ Target posts
Posts introducing the campaign on the official account

◆ Contacting the winners
Winners will be contacted via a direct message on Twitter from their official account.
Winning announcement will be replaced by direct message winning notification.
・ This campaign is provided by Frontier Works.
・ When you apply for this campaign, you are deemed to have agreed to these terms.
・ If any of the following applies, it may not be considered as an application due to the specifications of Twitter.
* Accounts that are set to private
* Accounts that are not searched
・ If any of the following applies, the right to win or win a prize will be invalidated.
* When it is determined that there was fraudulent activity when applying
* If you cannot contact the winner
* In the campaign to deliver prizes, if you do not complete the prescribed procedure within the “Notice of Winning”, or if there is something wrong with your registration details
* When the prize cannot be delivered due to unknown address / moving address or long absence in the campaign to deliver the prize.
・ The right to win or win a prize belongs to the individual, and cannot be transferred to another person, exchanged for cash, or changed.
・ This campaign may be canceled or changed without notice.
・ Internet connection charges and communication charges incurred when applying for this campaign will be borne by the applicant.
* We do not accept questions regarding confirmation of application acceptance, questions regarding winning, or questions regarding accidents or damage during delivery.
* If there are any precautions or disclaimers regarding the prize, we will contact the winners separately.


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