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The 12th synopsis & preceding cut of the TV anime “SHAMAN KING” being broadcast from April 1, 2021 has arrived.

This work is an animation based on the popular comic by Hiroyuki Takei. It was animated in 2001, and a new animation production has been decided. A fantasy battle that depicts the battle and growth of Shaman Yoh Asakura and his friends, aiming for the star king “Shaman King” who controls all things, has finally begun!

The 12th episode will start broadcasting from Thursday, June 17th at 17:55 on the TV Tokyo network 6 stations and at 0:30 midnight on BS TV Tokyo.

The leaf that succeeded in rescuing. Lotus decided to break up with the darkness of the Michiya in order to maintain his belief.
What will happen to the feud between parents and children and the house?
Check the synopsis immediately!

A leaf that succeeded in rescuing a lotus. In order to maintain his belief, he decided to break up with the darkness of the Michiya.
And finally, the chief of the Michiya, Michien, who appeared in front of the leaves. Can the leaves defeat a circle with a distant body and power?
What is the secret hidden in the body of a tough circle that won’t be afraid even if attacked …!?

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(C) Hiroyuki Takei, Kodansha / SHAMAN KING Project., TV TOKYO

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