can you find all the characters in the series in the new Wally poster?

An unexpected collaboration brought the franchise closer ONE PIECE to the children’s book series Where’s Wally? born from the mind of Martin Handford in 1987. This special crossover has given life to detailed and immense illustrations, based on the places of the world created by Oda, as in the last published poster, set in Onigashima.

A very special initiative to celebrate the 24 years of the pirate epic published by Weekly Shonen Jump, which was able to surprise the entire community, attracted by drawings and the challenge that have always distinguished Handford’s books. To celebrate, and promote, the same collaboration was the official page @Eiichiro_Staff on Twitter, with the images shown at the bottom of the news.

In addition to magnificent illustration of Onigashima, with hundreds of characters, a prize draw was also presented. Anyone participating in the initiative, respecting the indications in the reply tweet, and sending them by Sunday 25 July 2021, could receive a special ONE PIECE themed lucky bag. Furthermore, all fans were challenged to find Bentham in the image. We therefore renew the challenge to you too, if you can find it, report it in the comments.

Recall that Nami was honored with a fantastic double cosplay of the passionate Anya, and we leave you to the theories and the release date of chapter 1020.

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