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This time too, “Monster Hunter Rise” and “Monster Hunter Stories 2 ~ Wings of Ruin ~” will be introduced. The second guest of the new project “Monster Hunter LIVE !!” is Moe Iori, a cosplayer. Online multiplayer with viewers will be performed at “Monster Hunter Rise”.

Capcom TV! Will introduce “Monster Hunter Rise” and “Monster Hunter Stories 2 ~ Wings of Ruin ~” from 8 o’clock on September 15th (Wednesday)!

Inviting celebrities who like Monhan to enjoy “Monster Hunter Rise” and “Monster Hunter Stories 2 ~ Wings of Ruin ~” with viewers in online multiplayer, “Minna de Monhan LIVE !!”. We will be welcoming “Moe Iori”, who is active in gravure and cosplay as a guest and is also known as a big game lover, to carry out an online multiplayer project of “Monster Hunter Rise”.

Details and precautions on how to participate will be announced during the program, so don’t miss this opportunity to play with Moe Iori! Please join us.

The popular new RPG of the Monhan series “Monster Hunter Stories 2 ~ Wings of Ruin ~”. Fight together from the third free title update delivered the other day ★ 8[Search]Play water-based eggs! Is it possible to make “Tenno Tamamitsune” a wonderful otomon? !! stay tuned!

The popular “Resident Evil Village” is under continuous planning! Gorgeous will take over the save data left by The Touch’s Takuya who played in the previous broadcast and play it. This time, we will send you a battle with one of the four aristocrats, the monster “Morrow” who hides in the artificial lake. Can Gorgeous beat Morrow? !! looking forward to!

Capcom TV!Third Wednesday regular
(From left)[Assistant]Ayana,[MC]America Zarigani Yoshiyuki Hirai,[Commentator]Gorgeous

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* The content of the project and the delivery schedule may change in a hurry. Please note that.


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