Captain Tsubasa Prequel Comes to an End

Over a little over three decades, Captain Tsubasa, better known as Super Champions in Latin America, it has had four animated series in which the story of Tsubasa since he is little.

Now, what seemed to only happen in the animation, was recreated once again from the manga, as the author of Captain Tsubasa, Youichi Takahashi, made a kind of spin-off of his work, but focused on the early years of the little Tsubasa playing football.

This manga that is named Captain Tsubasa Memories which is short because it only has six chapters, it premiered in Japanese magazine Grand Jump Premium in 2018, and has had intermittent serialization to date. Three years later, the end of this story is finally announced.

The last chapter of Captain Tsubasa Memories it will come to an end when the next issue of the magazine dedicated to this series is published. The chapter will be named ‘The move of the Ohzora family‘, which surely talks about his previous trip to the fictional city of Nankatsu en Shizuoka.

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Does this mean that Captain Tsubasa Rising Sun is going to be much more regular?

The last story of Captain Tsubasa that leads by subtitle Rising Sun It has been published since 2013, however, the author of the series has not been very regular with this work, a detail that bothers fans of Super Champions.

However, during 2020, with everything and a pandemic, the history of Captain Tsubasa Rising Sun somehow managed to go on and finish an arc where the Japan team played against Germany in a match that lasted several chapters.

Now with the end of Memories, maybe Rising Sun can continue once and for all. This way we will know if Japan can take the gold medal in the Olympic Games where it is ‘participating’. Now, this all depends on the regularity with which the Captain Tsubasa Magazine.

At the moment we can only wait and see if the last anime that came out in 2018 also receives a continuation, since it was very well received by the fans. Follow this conversation on our social networks and stay in EarthGamer.



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