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“The number of users who placed orders was 67,000, the number of orders was 220,000, the conversion rate of new users’ orders was 30.1%, and the GMV exceeded 10 million.” This is what the “Fruit Elvis Promotion” mini-game was realized during the 20th anniversary celebration of Baiguoyuan. data.

“Fruit Elvis Promotion Competition” is a WeChat mini game launched by Yika Games and the popular fruit brand Pagoda to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pagoda. From December 3rd to 21st, 2021, users can collect medals by planting Musang King durians. Combined with lottery draws, users can easily get discount coupons for Baiguoyuan fruits while experiencing the joy of the game.

This is the second WeChat mini-game launched by Yika Games and Baiguoyuan. Earlier, Yika Games also cooperated with Pagoda to launch the Pagoda Fruit Hehe mini game. The performance data of the “Fruit Hehehe” game is also very satisfactory: the active users’ coupon rate is as high as 70%, and the game contributes as high as 24.1% of new customers, helping Pagoda to reduce the cost of customer acquisition by 5 times. This also led to the second cooperation between Yika Games and Baiguoyuan.

Game marketing into a brand conversion tool

It is understood that Yica officially launched the Yica game service in October this year and officially entered the game field. Although it has not been released for a long time, the card game has already been closely related to Baiguoyuan, Happy West Cake,JD.comWait for the top consumer brands to reach cooperation and achieve outstanding results.

In addition to Baiguoyuan, in terms of attracting new customers, Yika Games has achieved an average share rate of more than 30%, helping brands reduce customer acquisition costs by 80%; in terms of retention and recall, users stay for an average of 21 minutes and recall 30 days. The rate exceeds 41%; in terms of write-off and conversion, coupon users account for 70.8%, and the write-off rate is 27%, which can help brands increase the frequency of repurchase per capita by 1.04 times.

According to Zhu Hongwei, Vice President of Consumer Cloud of Yika Group, “Yika Games provides an infrastructure and a common template, hoping to help all brands get on the ‘high-speed rail’ train of gamification marketing.”

Yika Games is committed to standardizing the general game requirements in the industry, modularizing the functions of building WeChat marketing mini-games, and putting them on the platform. Enterprises can build their own boutique mini-games like building blocks. The fastest three days You can customize a small game with your own brand elements online.

In addition to the standardization of the bottom layer, brand customization and personalization are another highlight of Yika games. Through co-creation with different top brands, Yika games can be updated iteratively and quickly, to meet the personalized brand placement of different companies, and to improve the brand exposure and conversion capabilities in the game from the scene and gameplay. According to the type of game and the needs of the enterprise, the brand can choose the check-in card, leaderboard, virtual goods and other ways to replace the game material and update the configuration of the event plan, which can bring a large number of new users while meeting the personalized needs of the enterprise.

After the game is launched, Yica Games will help customers to open up the entire private domain link including mini programs, communities, official accounts, etc., quickly divert public domain traffic to the private domain traffic pool, and activate the private domain traffic pool at the same time. stock customers.

In addition, the Yika game team is composed of well-known teams such as Perfect World and Tencent Games, as well as senior production and research personnel. Excellent research and development capabilities, architectural capabilities and rich game development experience can ensure the quality of each marketing mini-game.

The category matrix of card-moving games has covered synthesis, leisure, elimination, development, and role-playing. In addition, Yika Games is still innovating game forms, developing AR and VR games, and further enhancing the immersive experience of games. Among them, the first AR virtual interactive mini-game will be officially launched in the Spring Festival of 2022.

From public domain to private domain, when marketing changes

Although this is the first time that Yica has set foot in the game business, in fact, Yica has many years of experience in the marketing business. As a payment-based technology platform, Yika can reach a wide range of merchants and consumers. According to the latest data, as of the third quarter of 2021, the number of active payment merchants of Yika reached 6.27 million, reaching more than 800 million active consumers.

In recent years, Yica has been continuously strengthening the platform’s marketing capabilities, including building an advertising precision marketing platform based on offline traffic – Juduan, and acquiring 85% of the equity of Precision Marketing Chuangxinzhong, which has achieved “online + offline” in the public domain. “The precise matching of traffic and advertisers in the complementary full scene can accurately grasp the needs of consumers.

The overweight game marketing is a bet on private domain traffic by Yica. Private domain traffic based on the WeChat platform, after being proven by Perfect Diary, Vitality Forest, etc., is becoming the winning secret of consumer brands in the second half of the Internet.

According to Jin Junhao, the person in charge of Yica’s game business, Yica chooses games as an entry point because the game itself has a natural social nature and is in line with the marketing rules in the private domain.

At present, the effect of traditional advertising and marketing methods is getting weaker and weaker. In the era of private domain, only content-based and interactive marketing content can capture the attention of the new generation of consumer groups and stimulate consumption desires. The fun of the game itself will give consumers a sense of achievement and satisfaction, and inspire consumers to share and spread independently, which is a win-win for both brands and consumers. The continuous cooperation and data between Yika Games and Pagoda also proves the value of games to consumer brand users.

In the future, Yica Games will accelerate its pace, further enrich game categories and gameplay, integrate commercialization with different new consumer brands, and deepen exploration in the field of private domain marketing.

It is worth noting that there are more than 6 million merchants served in the Yika ecosystem. When the Yika game business gradually develops, it can also feed back the Yika ecosystem. While meeting the gamification marketing needs of millions of merchants in the Yika ecosystem, it will also become an important driving force for the growth of Yika’s performance.

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