Carnival on the Bay will be held from December 2 to 4 — Business FM

From December 2 to 4, in the “Kila Bay” on the entire space of the “Syrovar Lovkov” restaurant, unbridled fun, an exciting event “Carnival on the Bay”, a Geek show, a rehearsal of the New Year will take place.

By tradition, each festival of the club of restaurateurs is accompanied by gastronomy, and our “Carnival on the Bay” is no exception.

For the first time, chefs in the images of Disi, Anime characters and ethnic costumes will cook on the terrace of the Syrovar restaurant: Georgian barbecue, Japanese onigiri, Mexican tacos, Thai tom yum, corn dogs, Italian pizza from a wood-fired oven!

“Kila Bay” meets its friends again and invites you to participate in the New Year’s rehearsal and open the ski season!

Festival program:

◊ Carnival on the Bay – a costumed procession of participants and guests
◊ Snow Maiden Drummer Show
◊ A hip-hop picnic / gastronomic patio on the terrace of the Syrovar Lovkov restaurant
◊ Rehearsal of the New Year with the participation of the park “WINTER’S TALE” / Meeting with Santa Claus
◊ Laser tag as a game part of geek culture
◊ Show in the style of Cosplay (competition review)
◊ Caver Band Bingo
◊ Via Chappa
◊ Dj Razta Joy
◊ Mobile pool BASHCHAN, testing scientific and technical developments
◊ Tube cinema with popcorn (surprise movie from the museum analog sound studio “Reels of the Turntable”)

Festival partners: “WINTER’S TALE”, Argo, Federal Marketing Agency “Leader Search”, BASHCHAN, Volkodav private security company, “Our Radio”, “FORMA TRUDA”, Aksakov magazine, Nezavisimaya Uralskaya Gazeta, Geo.Pro in Ufa, The first route TV SUE “Bashavtotrans”.

Festival organizers: club of like-minded restaurateurs “bUffet with the support of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly.

The date of the: 3.12.2022
Check-in at the hotel: from 17:00 – December 2 / check-out: until 14:00 – December 4.
Location: Pavlovka village, Nurimanovsky district, Republic of Bashkortostan, RussiaKila Bay Hotel
Reservation department: +7 (347) 285-88-00, +7 (987) 103-16-76

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