Carrying lanterns on the corridor bridge, riding a painting boat to do research, unlock new ways to play in Southwest Lake

Carrying lanterns on the corridor bridge, riding a painting boat to do research, unlock new ways to play in Southwest Lake

Release date: 2021-08-11 10:58
Source of information: Jiacheng Group

In order to further enrich the research activities, the Jiacheng Group Resorts Company tapped and utilized the resources of the light and shadow show around the city and the Southwest Lake Ecological Park, planned and upgraded summer research activities, and allowed parents and children to look at “Colorful Jiaxing” from a different perspective in the form of night tours.

During the summer research activities this year, the Jiacheng Group Resorts Company set up 6 links with the theme of “carrying lantern corridor bridges and riding a boat to do research”: watching red animation on the cruise ship, spelling red boat models, and experiencing movable type printing; Visit the cultural and creative market on the bridge, experience light-screen movies, and “Bingzhu” night walk on the gallery bridge. While enjoying the beauty of the Jiangnan Canal, the children immersed in a variety of research activities.

After the night view of Huancheng Road (river) is illuminated, the willows on both sides of the South Lake and the canal after the restoration of the water ecology, the light show is constantly changing, the south of the Yangtze River is full of charm, and the sense of technology is full. Flying cranes, colorful deer, golden butterflies, and looming fireflies “show up” along the bridges and banks on both sides of the canal, attracting the attention of children.

On the cruise, the children watched the red animation movie carefully, experienced movable type printing and expanded classic ancient poems under the leadership of professional teachers. After the children boarded the Southwest Lake View Ecological Park from the cruise ship, the “Bingzhu” night walked on the covered bridge. At this moment, the market above the covered bridge was brightly lit and crowded with people. , Giraffes, elephants, and polar bears are ready to come out in the dark forest and enjoy the movie in the city’s “green lung”.

This entertaining and entertaining summer research activity is regularly organized and distributed every Saturday. It has attracted nearly 200 people from 60 groups of families and has been welcomed by parents and children.

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