Castlevania: jannetincosplay’s Sypha cosplay is worthy of the series

Castlevania it is one of the oldest videogame IPs in the industry and also for this reason one of the most loved. Over the past few years, however, Castlevania video games have been in short supply. At least, fans got to enjoy the new Netflix series, which took us to the center of Trevor’s adventures and Sypha. Now, the sorceress has been recreated from jannetincosplay, in a cosplay which is worthy of the Netflix TV series.

Sypha is one of the main characters of Castlevania. The sorceress travels with Trevor and Alucard to stop Dracula. The four seasons of the series show a lot more of course, but it’s not our intention to spoil. But we can say that this jannetincosplay cosplay is very high quality: even if the shot is very close and does not allow us to see the complete cosplay, we can say that the costume is excellent, as well as the wig and the intensity of the woman’s gaze.

The world of cosplay it’s full of quality proposals, like Grusha’s Zelda cosplay: it’s regal and enchanting. How not to mention the cosplay of Tifa by missbricosplay: it is seductive. Sayathefox’s Ciri cosplay is also extremely loyal. We close with the cosplay of Himiko Toga by lit.mira: it’s incredible again.

Tell us, what do you think of the sypha cosplay made by jannetincosplay? How much created by the cosplayer is to your liking? Or was the Castlevania protagonist recreated in a better way by other cosplayers?

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