‘Catch! ‘Tiniping’ surpasses 50 million views on YouTube due to popularity of animation and stationery

(Photo provided by Samji Animation)

‘Catch! Tiniping’ YouTube channel has exceeded 50 million views in a year after its opening.

Samji Animation announced on the 3rd that its YouTube channel’Tiniping TV’ achieved a cumulative number of views of 50 million.

‘Tiniping TV’ was launched at the end of February last year. Animation’Catch! In addition to the main part of the’Tiniping’ series, various short form contents tailored to the eye level of preschool girls, such as toy play with the Tiniping characters, and learning rhythm and nursery rhymes, were presented.

The rhythmic nursery rhyme series, which was introduced since the end of last November, is gaining great popularity with a cumulative view of 4.3 million views in three months. In particular, the video of’Tiniping Song’ surpassed 2.8 million views and emerged as a’hot item’ among’Talam’ (nickname of daughter Naemi) before school. In various mam cafes, there were also articles saying that infinite repetition continues with addictive lyrics and rhythms.

The TV series’ box office success has also contributed to its popularity. Animation’Catch! ‘Tiniping’ recorded 3.95%, the highest rating for girls on the Animax channel in July of last year, and in January, it rose to the top in the ratings for girls aged 4-7 on the Disney Channel.

‘Catch! The popularity of’Tiniping’ IP is successively achieving No. 1 in the field of toys. ‘Catch! ‘Tiniping’ ranked first in both the popularity ranking of Coupang dolls and toys and the popularity ranking of SSG girls’ toys in December last year, when demand for Christmas gifts was rushing. In January, it also swept the 1st place in Coupang’s doll toys, and the 1st place in the popularity ranking of girls’ toys by Toys Russ and Homeplus. ‘Catch! The cumulative sales of’Tiniping’ figures exceeded 500,000 units, and’Hachuping’ and’Laraping’ figures were sold out one after another, so we supplied additional urgent quantities during the Lunar New Year holidays.

One major discount store, Toy MD, said, “From the last Christmas season, in the girls’ toys category,’Catch! “Tiniping’ product sales are the most overwhelming.”

He continued, “Compared to the existing girls who show typical characters, the animation’Catch! As’Tiniping’ received hot attention from children, their fan spirit seems to have led to demand for toys.

An official from Samji Animation said, “The explosive increase in views of’Tiniping TV’ is not only in Korea, but also in countries around the world such as Indonesia, Vietnam, the United States, India, and Japan,’Catch! “The result of increased content viewing of Tiniping” said, “The’Catch! Based on the power of Tiniping’ IP, we will grow it into a global content loved by kids around the world in the future.”

Meanwhile,’Catch! ‘Tiniping’ is preparing to air the follow-up season in the second half of 21.


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