This could be the next successful game-based anime

We haven’t heard anything about the upcoming anime adaptation for many, many months, but suddenly all the details were announced in Aniplex’s latest online show. We’ve known since the beginning of this year that the Aniplex studio (Sword Art Online) is making an anime based on NieR: Automata, which starts with good chances – Cyberpunk: […]

An anime adaptation of Onimusha has been announced

An anime adaptation of Onimusha has been announced. The premiere of the project is scheduled exclusively for Netflix. As for the dates, they are unknown at the time of publication. Onimusha is a series of games developed and published by Capcom. The franchise follows historical figures who have shaped the history of Japan by […]

The final episode of the TV anime “Summertime Render” Episode 25 “I’m home” Synopsis & Preceding scene cut released! Shinpei ended everything, and the “shadow” Ushio disappeared –

2022.09.27(September) (C) Yasunori Tanaka/Shueisha/Summer Time Render Production Committee The TV anime “Summertime Render” has started broadcasting in the second half of July 2022.The synopsis and preceding scene cut of the final episode 25 “I’m home” scheduled to be broadcast from 24:00 on September 29 (Thursday) has been released. Also, to commemorate the episode 25 “I’m […]