the Col di Roanza refuge reopens

It will not have the altitude and charm of the Nuvolau refuge, in Ampezzo, del Boz, in Feltrino or dell’Antelao, in Cadore: they all had the line of candidates for vacant management. The fact is that even to take the reins of the “city” refuge – on the Col di Roanza, ten minutes from Belluno […]

Attack on Titan (Shingeki No Kyojin) Episode 12

Who do i hate What reflection should I send? What I was thinking was slowly getting confused. Episode 12 from the anime Attack on Titan – Last season Available on Sundays February 28, 2021. The episode is available at And ACANEM Sunday is for VIP subscribers. It is the Episode 71 From the cartoon series. […]

The Chauvet cave at the Oscars?

Sophie Tavert-Macian, the co-director of the short film visited the Chauvet 2 cave and fell in awe of the lion fresco. The lion fresco, one of the most beautiful in the Chauvet cave, features a hunting scene with lions. A scene which one feels it is in motion. And the idea came to him to […]

ramontage –MaiOtaku Anime

New with “dating websites” and was curious about what / who I can meet here. New with “dating website’s” and just curious who or what i’ll meet Hobbies: Anime, games, photography, to travel, warhammer, mtg My anilist: .

IIS 7.5 verbose error-404.0

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Speaking of late-night anime based on the manga that was a huge success in animation? 2nd place What is the 1st place that exceeds “Machikado Mazoku”? |

3rd place: Haikyu !! (c) In July 2020, the original manga based on the popular manga that was missed but ended serializationHaikyu !!]Is the third place. In addition to the extraordinary instantaneous power and jumping power, Shoyo Hinata, a boy who never gives up, grows up with Tobio Kageyama and other members of the volleyball […]