Chainsaw Man: Makima in a cosplay that is his spitting image

The beautiful Makima is one of the main characters in the Chainsaw Man manga and anime, and this cosplay reflects her appearance very well.

the anime of Chainsaw Man is a few weeks away from its premiere and thanks to this many will meet their characters. Among them Running awaysomeone that more than one will have seen before in the form of fan art o cosplay. There’s no point in telling you much about her so I’ll try not to say spoilers. At the beginning of the story she is the boss of the Special Division 4 from Tokyo and a high-ranking demon slayer in Public security.

She is the one who recruits Worthythe protagonist of the story, and keeps him under his control. Running away stands out for having a serious and calm personality. She is endowed with a tremendous cold blood. Even in the most urgent situations she acts in a very relaxed way. She usually proceeds in an orderly manner without getting excited at any time. Her way of proceeding is kind and understanding but as the series progresses she shows another side.

Especially when treating Worthy in Chainsaw Man. This is how he shows great cunning and manipulative abilities. With her romantic and even sexual promises she practically keeps this character “dancing in his hand”. But that is something that should be seen in action in the anime of MAP, whose premiere is planned for October 11. As the episodes progress, more than Running away in action.

At first glance, she is not very impressive, but her great beauty and the strange golden eyes that she has immediately attract attention. It’s something you can see reflected in the cosplay that I share now, where Running away is interpreted by cosplayer Cell tissue. She recreates this character very well and the first thing that stands out is her light reddish brown hair. This is styled in the form of a thick braid.

She also has bangs up to her eyes and a couple more on the sides, which help to frame her fine face. Her pupils are golden in color and have a swirl design; said effect is achieved by means of pupil lenses. As for her attire, it is formal and includes a long-sleeved white shirt as well as a plain black tie. The above is complemented by black dress pants.

That is the general appearance of Running away in Chainsaw Man and that reflects well this cosplay. To the aforementioned we must add the black jacket of the suit. Usually the head of the Special Division 4 Tokyo does not usually wear a belt as in this case. She cannot be seen through the photos but she usually wears brown shoes. Her attire is a reflection of the way most demon hunters dress.

At least those who work for the government. How can they realize Cell tissue decided to recreate some of the scenes from the manga Chainsaw Man. It is likely that more than one of them will appear in the anime of MAP. In the last photo you can see her dressed as a nurse. This outfit is featured in a special illustration by Tatsuki Fujimoto and is accompanied by Power. Some time ago I shared a cosplay with both.

The work of Cell tissue with this cosplay of Running away draws attention to the attention to detail. In addition to this interpretation in the past I shared others. This is the case of a very original Kobeni Higashiyama as well as others of Power, Cuts and his own Worthy Transformed into Chainsaw Man. The work of Fujimoto has inspired many cosplayers and with the release of the anime it is likely that the same will happen with others.

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