‘Chainsaw Man’: new details on anime teased

At the end of last year, we reported that the manga series “Chainsaw Man” was going to be adapted for the anime. On the official Twitter account The implementation has now been announced that there will be new information about the series soon.

First trailer in June 2021

If you are already expecting the “Chainsaw Man” anime, you should mark June 27, 2021 in your calendar. On this day, the “MAPPA STAGE 2021 -10th Anniversary-” will take place between 8:00 am and 1:30 pm German time, during which a first trailer for the series will also be released. In addition, details on contributors are to be expected.

So far, it is only known that the anime version of “Chainsaw Man” is produced in the studio MAPPA, which has been responsible for series such as “Jujutsu Kaisen” and “Attack on Titan: Final Season” in recent months. A start date is still pending.

Tatsuki Fujimoto’s original manga series debuted in December 2018 in “Weekly Shonen Jump”. The first part of the work was completed on December 13, 2020. A second part will soon start in the “Shonen Jump +” application.

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Denji’s greatest wish is to lead a completely normal life. But he only inherited debts to the Mafia from his father. When Denji saves the life of the little devil Pochita, he grants him the ability to transform into Chainsaw Man. It doesn’t take long before the government realizes the boy with the chainsaw to his head …

© Tatsuki Fujimoto / Shueisha

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