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The 5th episode of the anime “Hortensia Saga” currently being broadcast in January 2021 has arrived! Let’s introduce it immediately.

Hortensia Saga, an iOS / Android warfare RPG developed by f4samurai, celebrated its 5th anniversary in April 2020. A historical RPG that depicts the stories of knights who are at the mercy of various destinies in a world of war.
Currently, the main story is “Hortensia Saga Zero,” a new story after the completion of the third part of the main story “Hortensia Saga.”

Check out the synopsis of the 5th episode on Wednesday, February 3rd!

About a month after the attack on the royal capital, Alfred and his colleagues were heading to Olivier, one of the two Grand Duchy of the Kingdom of Hortancia, to deliver the letter they had received from Georg.
Alfred, the daughter of the late Grand Duke Leon, meets Adelheid, who governs Olivier’s territory.
Meanwhile, the unit of the Knights of the Church who appeared in Olivier begins “witch hunting”. In addition, the Camellia army begins an invasion of Olivier. Enemy general Roy who confronts Adelheid but leaves a meaningful word and withdraws the unit.
What does this collision mean?

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■ Staff ■
Screenplay: Rintaro Ikeda
Storyboard: Junichi Sakata
Director: Hiroshi Kimura
Animation directors: Mitsunori Yamaguchi, Minefumi Harada, Toshinori Yamamura, Etsushi Mori, Dai Imaoka, Yuko Hineno, Shintaro Tsubota, Hiroyuki Honda, Kazuo Watanabe

(C) Hortensia Saga Production Committee

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