‘Children’s Disaster Safety Education’ surpasses 100,000 views on YouTube: FPN Daily

▲ Child disaster safety education video capture

[FPN 최누리 기자] = The video ‘Children’s Disaster Safety Education’ produced by the Fire Insurance Association is gaining popularity on YouTube.

The Korea Fire Insurance Association (Chairman Lee Yoon-bae, hereinafter referred to as the photo association) announced on the 16th that the ‘Children’s Disaster Safety Education’ video released in August last year has surpassed 100,000 cumulative views on YouTube.

When disaster safety education, which had been conducted by directly visiting educational sites such as daycare centers, was suspended due to COVID-19, the Photo Cooperatives introduced a non-face-to-face education method through video content.

The video consists of two parts. In the first part, the theory education covers fire prevention and response methods, and in the second part, the practical education contains contents such as finding fire-prone objects and evacuation in case of fire.

The reason why the video was able to gain steady popularity was that animation techniques were adopted for safety education, which can be somewhat rigid, to attract children’s attention, and the children participated in hands-on training to enhance the sense of presence, the pictorial association explained.

You can watch the video by searching ‘Children’s Disaster Safety Education’ or ‘Fire Insurance Association’ on YouTube.

An official from the photo association said, “We will work harder to develop online and offline contents so that our society’s safety culture can be established more quickly through early safety education for children.”

Reporter Nuri Choi [email protected]

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