Chinese Writers Association releases newcomers on the list of China’s online literature influence

The Chinese Writers Association releases the influence list of Chinese online literature

On the 16th, the Chinese Writers Association released the China Internet Literature Influence List (2020) in Shenzhen. 24 Internet literature works and 4 newcomer writers were on the list.

It is reported that the list of influences released this time includes the list of online novels, the list of IP adaptations, the list of overseas influences and the list of newcomers and new works for “post-90s” writers. Among the works on the list of online novels, there are works that reflect realistic themes such as “The Big Dipper” and “Great Power Fighting Falcon”, as well as excellent historical themes such as “Han Que”, and science fiction masterpieces such as “The First Sequence”. The subject matter is rich and the quality is high.

Among the works on the list of IP adaptations, there are “Yanyuntai” and “Eternal Thoughts” which are adapted into film and television works, and “Engulf the Stars” and “Perfect World” which are adapted into cartoons, in various forms. The four works of “Lord of Secrets”, “Yuan Zun”, “Monsters and Gods” and “Super God Mechanic” for overseas audiences stood out in the overseas influence list. “Post-90s” newcomer writers, Eagle Eat Little Chicken, Return to Home, Lemon Yuyan, and Yi Xiaoru, were selected as newcomers and newcomers.

Online literature is an effective carrier for Chinese culture to “go out”. It currently has hundreds of millions of readers and is an important source of content for the entertainment industry such as film and television, games, and animation. He Hong, deputy director of the Online Literature Center of the Chinese Writers Association, released a list of Chinese online literature influences, aiming to give play to the vane role of outstanding writers in terms of value orientation, subject matter, literary quality, and aesthetic pursuits, and promote online literature in text quality, High-quality development in IP adaptation and international communication.

“Of the online literature works on the list this time, realistic themes account for more than half of the works on the list, reflecting the creative achievements and development direction of online literature in the past year.” He Hong said that this review has affirmed the advantages of traditional themes. , Achievements and influence, but also hope to guide online writers to go out of the study, face the society, and create more masterpieces reflecting the spirit of the times.

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