Chocopla Nagata shows off BTS Jungkook’s cosplay appearance. Some say, “I thought it was Jungkook for a moment.” –All About NEWS

On October 16th, Shohei Nagata of Owarai Combi Chocolate Planet updated his Instagram and released BTS’s cosplay appearance.

A voice of joy in the appearance that is completely complete

Jungkook, a member of BTS, is cosplaying and is shown in the photo with his index finger on his lips. The background is like the PV of BTS’s song “Butter”, and the degree of completion is high.

I also posted cosplay photos of my partner Shun Matsuo and other members of BTS. The series of photos are off-shots of the cosplay that was shown on Friday’s 20:00 variety show “New Key” (Fuji TV).

In the comments, there were voices praising the highly complete cosplay, saying, “It’s really cool,” “everyone is too beautiful,” and “normally cool!” Some commented, “I thought it was Jungkook for a moment.”

* SNS comments are the original sic

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