Chun Li escaped from Street Fighter thanks to this cosplay


By EarthGamer | March 2, 2021, 7:14 PM

Chun Li began to expand his horizons momentarily leaving Street Fighter to pay a visit express a Fortnite, where it can be obtained as an outfit.

This skilled fighter became a favorite among fighting game lovers, so it’s not uncommon to see her played by different cosplayers.

This time, Clarissa decided to pay tribute to Chun Li creating an outfit that shows dedication and love for the character.

Of all the characters in Street Fighter, Chun Li has one of the largest fan bases, and proof of this is that it has been serving as an inspiration for years cosplayers.

Even himself Jackie Chan she dressed like her once, although this time we won’t show you something so strange.

The cosplayer Clarissa He decided to make his own interpretation of this skilled fighter, and shared the result with his fans through his Instagram account, where he published a complete session.

Chun Li cosplay by Clarissa
Chun Li cosplay by Clarissa

As you can see, the outfit is identical to the classic you saw Chun Li in Street Fighter, including footwear that covers almost to the knee.

Although she is not Asian, Clarissa It possesses these traits, giving an additional detail to the cosplay that makes it much more believable.

To give it a better atmosphere, he chose what appears to be a park where there is a construction with an Asian appearance, which is adorned with a lake and a lot of vegetation.

Chun Li He is not the only character he is cosplayer has created outfits, since in your Instagram account has several dedicated to anime series and other video game.

What did you think of this outfit from Chun Li? Tell us in the comments.

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