CJ ENM cooperates with Japanese terrestrial TBS group to produce ‘global content’

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CJ ENM plans to strengthen its global network and speed up its penetration into the Japanese market through a strategic alliance with TBS Group, one of Japan’s top five terrestrial broadcasters.

CJ ENM and TBS Group signed a business agreement on the 15th for joint production and business cooperation of global target contents including Japan.

Through this MOU, the two companies will jointly plan, produce, and distribute content in various genres such as dramas, movies, entertainment shows, and animations. Various projects such as co-production of webtoons and comics, offline concert planning, and content format development will also be jointly promoted.

Both companies are planning to spur the production of content that can target the global market as well as Korea and Japan. TBS Group is a member of the company’s remake and popular dramas ‘Naoki Hanzawa’ and ‘It’s shameful to run away, but it helps’, and the entertainment shows ‘SASUKE’ and ‘Wind Fortune! It is one of the five major terrestrial broadcasters in Japan that produced ‘Takeshi Castle’.

CJ ENM has gained recognition in Japan through its works such as the dramas ‘Crash Landing on You’ and ‘Psycho, but it’s okay’, which caused a craze in Japan last year, and the Japanese version of ‘Signal’, ‘Misaeng’, ‘Memory’, and ‘Voice’. have built up

Choi Jin-hee, director of CJ ENM’s film and drama, said, “Through this agreement, the two leading Korean and Japanese content companies will bring together their production capabilities to present a variety of global content.



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