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“I’m alone among the courier items, and it looks so dangerous.

Can I report this?”

Gyeong-tae, a’courier driver’s pet dog’, who recently received attention for a reversal story after being suspected of animal cruelty.

YouTube channel’Channel CJ’

A movie-like story of Kyungtae is drawing attention as it is made in animation..

On the 26th, a video titled “The reason why I had to put the dog in the luggage compartment of the delivery truck” was posted on the YouTube channel’Channel CJ’.

The story of Kyung-tae and his father Kim Sang-woo was produced in a short animation.

YouTube channel’Channel CJ’

The animation contained the story of Kyung-Tae and her dad.

Sang-woo headed home one day when it rained.

I accidentally saw a flowerbed, and there was a sick dog soaked in the rain.

YouTube channel’Channel CJ’

At that time, the dog was very sick, so he went to the veterinary hospital.

The dog’s condition was so critical that he was barely breathing.

Although the hospital expenses were burdensome, Sang-woo, who continued treatment in the hospital for over a year.

YouTube channel’Channel CJ’

Thanks to the continued treatment, the puppy was fortunately regained health.

“How about trying to name a dog with a person who has a feeling of affection?”

At the doctor’s words, the white Maltese became the current’Kyung-tae’.

YouTube channel’Channel CJ’

Later, in the animation, Kyeong-tae and Sang-woo were able to ride a delivery truck together.

Sang-woo is satisfied with being able to be with Kyung-Tae as it is now.

YouTube channel’Channel CJ’

As much as he cheered and encouraged, he said he would continue the delivery with Kyungtae.

When the story of Kyung-Tae was told, CJ Logistics sent a uniform as a gift and appointed Kyung-Tae as the honorary ambassador for Korea Express.

YouTube channel’Channel CJ’

CJ’s honorary delivery man, Kyung-tae, will continue to deliver happiness with his father.

Below is an animation containing the heartwarming story of Kyung-tae and his father.

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