CKRL 89.1 | Yves Landry hosts 4 hours live for Le Grand Tour de Roue to benefit the Mother-Child Center

Not being able to physically hold a fundraising event, Yves landry presents Le Grand Tour de Roue for the benefit of Mother-child center Soleil du CHU this Saturday, January 30, from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., live at CKRL.

Goal? To raise $ 25,000 for pediatric oncology research (children with cancer).

“Cancer research has made great strides in the treatment of children with this disease in recent years. So four out of five sick children today will be cured of cancer. For children with leukemia, the cure rate is even higher. “- Yves Landry

“In pediatric oncology, it is the field of oncology that has made the most progress. It’s pretty amazing to go from a survival rate of almost 0% 30 years ago, to over 80% today. For leukemia alone, cure rates are 88-90% “, comment on Dr Bruno Michon, head of the pediatric hematology-oncology department at the CHU mother-child center. Even with these good results, the quest to further improve healing rates is far from over.

Research on treatments is continuing in 220 pediatric oncology centers in North America, including that of the CHU. [Source :]

On the show’s menu

Interviews with Dr Bruno Michon in particular, testimonials from caregivers, stories, imitations and entertainment lasting 4 hours.

Presence prices at Pneus Nokian, Tanguay furnishings and Latulippe will be drawn among donors!

To donate online:

➡ See the donation thermometer in real time

This show is a presentation of XPN Supplements, Eurofins EnvironeX, Lacroix medical clinics and the Downtown dental clinic.

January 30, 2021

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