Cocktail + Cosplay: Lady of Dragons

Welcome to cocktails + cosplay! We’re combining our love of nerdy fashion with fancy drinks in a brand new weekly video series. Every Friday, join us for cocktails (and mocktails) inspired by our favorite fandoms and characters. This week is our Jada host along with Jordan and Chavon (and our behind-the-scenes special guest Ashley) preventing us post-game from throne depression with a mother of Dragonfruit drinks. (Actually, Jordan is one of this crew who is actually watching the show, so this is all for her.) Thanks to Stick Magazine for this delicious recipe: 2 oz. vodka 1 oz. ji mango .5 oz. ji lacho .5 oz triple sec Fresh dragon fruit Dash of cayenne Watch to the end to see how we feel about this drink, and join us next week for more Cocktails + Cosplay!

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