Comic Con Ahoy Rotterdam 2018 | 4K video report

We went 15 minutes to our funny house Con Ahoy Rotterdam, in, Rotterdam. We show you the best cosplay, we play the game with competitors and show you how strange we can be. Competitors: Sammyscosplay | Valerie Cosplays | Dutch Daywalker | Fantasy Princesses | Saintsboy115_doctorwhocosplays | Tough Cookey cosple | Nikitazaal | h0labeau | Tara kosple | Lastmasterpiece178 | Tarantallegra kosple | XDersina kosple | Simon Bon | Captain Juliette Milenka Alexander | Moonbbygirl | Jomairo Zimmerman | ControllessCosplay | Lae Nygma kosple | Lebenbekunst | Baeksian | Jahthekiid | Joshua Harris | Also: The Dutch fly Figurenwerkstatt Ruland Koekjen | Speakerheadz | Drakan | Movie Magicstore | Agonyflower | Stichting Tomo Have you seen our other convention reports as well? Check them out in this playlist! We interviewed Yaya Han, Nicole Marie Jean and many famous actors and actresses at conventions such as Con Comic Dutch, Firstlook, Abunai, Comic Con Brussels and Animecon. Hit up sub buttons if you like this content! It allows us to do better and more in the same video. Much appreciated! ————————————————– ————————————————– —- Production: Eldon Help: Eandora Cosplay Camera: Petar Neychew – Music: Justino Lopes – o10tic @ Instagram ——————– – ——————————– Social Media Outlets: http: // www. facebook .com / fistbumpbros

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