Comic-Con returns to New York

New York.– The most pop fair, Comic-Con, has taken ground this Thursday in the city of Gotham, nickname of New York, after the forced virtual editions by COVID-19, which had prevented the most fans of the genre from sharing their passion or their costumes with other fans and with their idols on paper and on the big screen.

People from all the states of the country, Latin American, Asian, European and from other galactic quadrants, came eager to show off their clothes or see, touch and many of them buy a sample of the infinite world of products linked to fiction that shines among the pages of comics and graphic novels and multiplies in video games, cinemas and movie platforms.

Spiderman strolling with the dark spider-man, Ahsoka Tano (Star Wars) with a friend mending her dress, an Amazon weaving, the Joker taking a picture of a character from Star Trek with a miniskirt or two humanoids Java (Star Wars) browsing the stalls of the fair is just a small glimpse of the images offered by this room that will be open at the Javits Convention Center until Sunday.

Excitement for the return

In a general picture, (the cancellation of Comic-Con last year) doesn’t mean much, but we all missed it and it’s great to be back. It’s so much fun getting to meet so many people from all over the world and have your photo taken 40,000 times”, He assures Efe “Venom”, the black “Spiderman” who embodies Charles Allen.

Charles, who assures that this is his fourth year at the fair and that he never repeats costume, confesses that what he missed most about the cancellation of last year’s show was “the interaction between people”.

Dressed as a manga comic character and wearing a mask, as required by the organizers, who also require proof of vaccination, Lex insists that “there is a lot of fun“At the fair and where is”really delighted to come back”After the break.

I feel like the world is normal again, going to see things and people that I haven’t seen for a long time.“, Assured this fanatic of the”cosplay”Or fondness for dressing up as fictional characters, for whom this is also his fourth Comic-Con.

Beyond the costumes

Beyond the costumes, the show represents an opportunity to buy comics, figures of fantasy characters, graphic novels, paintings and prints of super heroes, T-shirts, stuffed animals and, of course, lightsabers.

But in addition, actors and professionals from the big screen and television make their appearance every year to sign autographs or take photos with their dedicated followers, upon payment.

This Thursday, among others, they walked through the fair George Takei, who became famous for his role as Hikaru Sulu, helmsman of the starship “Enterprise”, in the Star Trek series, and also veteran actor Edward James Olmos, who in the 1980s played the role of Lieutenant Castillo, in the Miami Vice series and, more recently, acted as William Adama, commander of the fleet in Battlestar Galactica.

Among the hundreds of stalls that flood the two floors that the fair occupies, one can bump into the one that sells replica helmets and some weapons that it runs Jeremy Rowland, originally from Portland, Oregon, where he keeps his store open.

Helmets of imperial soldiers, that of the main character of the series “The Mandalorian“-Your favorite- or the role-playing video game”Skyrim“Are made of resin and hang on the wall of the stall next to Captain America’s shield, axes and swords, which can be purchased for between 300 and 600 dollars, prices that also seem from another galaxy.

A fair in continuous expansion

Mike owns a comic book store and has been dedicated to the genre for more than two decades. Today he leaves the fair with a hundred publications that he has found in one of his stalls.

I am a fan, a collector and a seller, so I have to be here”, He tells Efe before explaining that when he comes, he always likes to talk to authors, ask for autographs and look for books.

Comic-Con Explain “It has been expanding from comics to video games, cosplay, and other businesses; so it is getting bigger and bigger for people who have different interests”, He concludes.


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