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The world’s largest coterie magazine spot sale event “Comic Market 99 (abbreviation: Comike 99)” was held on December 30th and 31st, 2021. The event, which was held after taking various infection prevention measures such as significantly limiting the number of participants, attracted 110,000 people in two days. It showed excitement suitable for impressing “Resurrection of Comiket”.



One of the highlights of such “Comiket 99” is the cosplay area set up outdoors. This time too, many high-level cosplayers dressed as characters from various old and new games, anime, and comics participated, and enjoyed taking pictures and interacting with each other.

Looking at each work, the game was a big hit in 2021.Uma Musume Pretty Derby“Including,”Fate/Grand Order』、『Original god』、『Granblue fantasy]Etc. are popular, and the heroines of these titles (layers dressed as) are gathering one after another.

In home video games, “Overwatch』、『Persona 5』、『The King of FightersThere were many layers who participated in cosplay such as ”, and some groups were enjoying the event in a style unique to“ Comiket ”, such as taking two-shot shots with characters of different titles.

Of course, in addition to these, “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya“or”Re: Life in a different world starting from zero』、『Yan Yan ノ Fire Brigade, Virtual YouTuber, Vocaloid, and the CM character of Nissin “Donbei”, Dongitsune, and many other layers who participated in the shining cosplay. A large number of cosplayers also visited the Cosplay Expo 2021 Winter (abbreviation: Tona Kos).

When I heard the story, “I participated in” Comiket 99 “during the day and moved to” Tona Kos “(” Neighboring Cosplay Expo “of the cosplay event held near the Comiket venue) in the evening. There were many motivated layers, such as “I enjoy cosplay all day long!”, And each of them enjoyed the last cosplay event in 2021 to their heart’s content.

Photos of 40 cosplayers are posted at once!

“Fate / Grand Order” Melt Lilith: Rutapi-san

“Fate / Grand Order” Shuten-doji: Deko-san

“Overwatch” D.VA: Ayane Nishii

“The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya” Haruhi Suzumiya: Mafo-chan

“Persona 5” Ann Takamaki: Karin Chama-san

“Fate / Grand Order” Minamoto no Yorimitsu: Ms. Terui

“Kakegurui” Yumeko Jabami: Maru Nekomiya

Hatsune Miku: Maru Nekomiya

“Fire Force” Tamaki Tatsu: Mr. Koume

Kometsu Amami * Participated in “Comiket 99” with original costumes

“Fate / Grand Order” Martha: Shiden

“Fate / stay night” Altria Pendragon: Sachibudo

“Re: Life in a Different World from Zero” Emilia: Okra Yamanaka

“Higurashi When They Cry” Rika Furude: Monaka Kuru-san

“Uma Musume Pretty Derby” Mayano Top Gun: Rito-san

“Uma Musume Pretty Derby” Special Week: Bani Taso-san

Nissin “Donbei” Dongitsune: Kanna Nijimura

Super Sonico: Kei Yamabuki

“Fate / Grand Order” Quiet Hasan: Kaor!

“Fate / Apocrypha” Jack the Ripper: Mr. Mashiro

“She will borrow” Chizuru Mizuhara: Continued

“She will borrow” Sumi Sakurazawa: Kotone-san

“Takt op.” Fate: Ruku.Mr. Miss

“The King of Fighters” Series / Kula Diamond: Miya Shirogane

“Azur Lane” St. Louis: Uncle Amoji

“Azur Lane” Noshiro: Mr. Suzusora

“Arknights” Eiyafiyatra: Maoha Kibayashi

“2.5 Dimensional Temptation” Mikari Tachibana: Guguru-san

“Fate / Apocrypha” Mordred: Mr. Sera

“Vampire” Series / Morrigan Aensland: Philosophical Masamin

“Granblue Fantasy” Vampy: Mr. Kawamoto

“Granblue Fantasy” Kubira: Mr. Satsuki

“Uma Musume Pretty Derby” Gold City: Yamada

“Uma Musume Pretty Derby” Narita Taishin: Yurippe-san

“Genshin Impact” Yae Miko: Mr. Sorato

“FELIDAE / Ueno-okachimachi Rika’s almost dead channel” booth official cosplayer: Medie

“FELIDAE / Ueno-okachimachi Rika’s almost dead channel” booth official cosplayer: Inori Hanamiya

“FELIDAE / Ueno-okachimachi Rika’s almost dead channel” booth official cosplayer: Raimu Hanasaki

“FELIDAE / Ueno-okachimachi Rika’s almost dead channel” booth official cosplayer: Juriana disuko

“FELIDAE / Ueno-okachimachi Rika’s almost dead channel” booth official cosplayer: Akira DX

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