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It was Comiket until the day before, but it’s already the new year ── It’s been two years since then! Happy new year!

“” Held at Tokyo Big Sight at the end of December 30th and 31st, 2021Comic Market 99(C99) “. Although the number of people is limited, cosplay, which is one of the highlights, is still alive.

Cosplay of various works such as “Uma Musume Pretty Derby” and virtual YouTuber group Holo Live were shining all over the venue, centering on recent popular titles.

The temperature on the second day was a single digit, changing from the first day when the weather was blessed. The cosplayers were beautifully salted in the cold, snowy weather.

If the cosplay payment is Comiket, the beginning of cosplay is also Comiket! So, 2022 cosplay will start with this article.

Photo: Yuma
[46 photos]Cosplayers who heated “Comiket 99”

A beautiful cosplayer who shines with “Comiket 99”

[Comiket 99 Cosplay]Kuriemi-san / Original costume

[Comiket 99 Cosplay]Chamomile-san / “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid” Lucoa

[Comiket 99 Cosplay]Inori Hanamiya / FELIDAE / Rika Kamikachimachi Original Costume

[Comiket 99 Cosplay]Kaho-san / Original costume

[Comiket 99 Cosplay]GYAVA / “Di Gi Charat” Di Gi Charat


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