Cosplay Alastor from “Hotel Hazbin” or Reincarnation of the Serpent

In Tula, in the City Concert Hall on January 30, 2021, the anime festival “Yuki no Odori” was held. One of the guests of the festival was the Serpent (Steel Adder) from Moscow. He reincarnated as the character Alastor from the American animated series “Hotel Hazbin”. Alastor has a lean physique, pale gray skin, sharp yellow teeth, black gums and short scarlet and black hair with tassel-like ears that resemble deer ears. The character constantly carries with him a vintage-style microphone, which has its own mind and is part of his demonic appearance.

By profession, the Snake is an actor, and he wants to realize himself in professional activities. In the process of reincarnation, a 34-year-old man removes long hair under a wig, applies professional makeup and inserts red contact lenses, puts on a corset. The fake microphone broke down during the move from Moscow to Tula, so Snake had to repair it as well. The process of transforming into the demon Alastor took more than an hour and a half. The correspondent of “MK in Tula” filmed the details of the process.


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