Cosplay comes to the Big Quesadillas of Tampico

Creative Tamaulipas face the pandemic with anime cosplay to promote their quesadilla business.


Tampico, Tamaulipas.- Faced with the economic crisis that prevails due to the coronavirus pandemic, businesses in Tampico seek to innovate and create sales strategies, as is the case of the ‘Big Quesadillas’ located in the colony, where they have integrated cosplay.

It is in the Obrera neighborhood where a food business has attracted its customers with the presence of cosplayers, people disguised as anime characters and even key rings allusive to this theme are given away.

With the suspension of the anime conventions, they decided to operate the quesadilla business with this theme, also with the aim that customers get out of the routine and distract themselves from daily problems in addition to tasting the different stews.


Andrea, better known as Eride Cosplay, announced that this has been a very good strategy, because information has quickly circulated through social networks and people from different neighborhoods come, not only from La Obrera.

For her part, Vanesa, another of the participating cosplayers, stated that at no time are health recommendations neglected and that they are waiting for the epidemiological traffic light to improve in order to participate in more events.
“We have done very well, many people come, to have a good time, there are no conventions so they come here with their costumes, they forget what we are experiencing, but always complying with all preventive measures, we keep our distance and everyone with their masks “.
He also agreed that these actions that accompany the sale of food have been well received by the public, who even place their orders by phone to take their quesadillas and take advantage of promotions such as the delivery of key rings.


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