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#Cosplay #Cosplayer #CONNECTEDCosplay # ConnectedTVShow # Cosplay2021 #cosplayoninstagram # polymerphotography 2021 CONNECTED COSPLAYSTARS. A cosplayer who keeps an eye on this year as well. From … KOREA … Name: Aki-Sama Location: Korea Occupation: Seamstress Website / Social Media: www.facebook.com/Aki0reSama, Aki-Sama twitter.com/AkiHyuna www.instagram.com/ @aki_ore_sama www .deviantart.com/akihyuna Credit: Cosplay made by Aki-sama (myself) When and how did you start cosplaying? -I started cosplaying around 2011 when I was studying as an international student in Vancouver, Canada. My friend wanted to go to a convention and thought dressing up would be fun. And I continued to cosplay as a hobby, so it was a lot of fun. What was your first cosplay? -My first cosplay was the KHR Lal March I made. What was the most difficult character? -The most difficult cosplay I made is White Day Maki from Love Live, her ball gown is really detailed and it took me a long time to make. The most difficult cosplay to wear is probably the battle with Kill la Kill’s Ryuko.

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