Cosplay – Every fan is a superstar



Today, 03:05 – 04:20

Cosplay – a movement that is gaining more and more adherents around the world, especially among young people. Cosplayers dress up as their heroes from comics and video games. A look behind the scenes shows the dedication and imagination with which the hobby costume designers work on their creations. They present their works and compete against each other at major events and competitions. Cosplay originated and grew between Tokyo and Los Angeles in the mid-20th century. The fan bases of Japanese comics and American science fiction experimented with costumes, bringing them to life. In Japan, the scene is growing fast. In parallel worlds, such as in the hip district of Akihabara, cosplayers identify completely with the artificial characters whose costumes they are wearing. In Japan, cosplay culture is merging with the country’s mainstream culture. Marie-Claude Bourbonnais from Canada is one of the most successful personalities in the cosplay scene. Together with her partner Vincent Cadoret, the former model designs unusual characters and huge props for their performances. In order to be able to make a living from the costume art, the two invest a lot of time and energy in their work. Jessie and Felicia are up and coming cosplayers. And with success: They win the national championship in Canada with their costumes and are invited to the World Cosplay Summit in Japan. The best cosplay team in the world is chosen at the lavish international competition.

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