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 2021December 30Ariake for 2 days on Thursday, 31st (Friday)Tokyo International Exhibition CenterTokyo Big Site), The largest in JapanDoujinshi spot saleComic Market 99C99)」。

 New coronaUnder the influence of2020 yearForgotten the event2021Since the event in May was postponed, this time2019 yearDecemberofC97It was the first time in two years since then.

 C99teethCorona bruiseBecause it was held inNew coronavirusThorough infection control measures.General participants are required to purchase tickets in advance and enter the venue.New coronavaccinationMeasures have been taken, such as confirmation of the vaccination certificate.

 Nico Nico NewsThen,ComiketWe started live broadcasting from the venue and gathered at the venueCosplayersConducted interviews centered on Mr.
In this articleComiketExcitedCosplayersI will send you a photo of Mr. (2nd day).Thank you for your cooperationCosplayersEveryone,thank you


photograph/Shohei KanazawaKachaYSD

▽ Live broadcast from the field ▽

-I want to read it together-

Comiket is back for the first time in two years! Introducing cosplay photos of popular works such as Uma Musume and Pokemon[C99]

A large collection of cosplayer photo books that liven up the winter comics, from cute to funny and funny![C97]

This is the real thrill of Comiket! Looking back on the “interesting” cosplay photos that made the winter comics exciting[C97]

Among Us
Toshi Ryugen (Toshl
Enoden Bicycle Niki
Governor of Tokyo Koike
Popo Popo PopoYobikomi-kun

Event summary

Comic Market 99

■ Session
2021December 30(Thursday) -31st (Friday)

■ Venue
AriakeTokyo International Exhibition CenterTokyo Big Site

■ Homepage


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